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Mo asks on Oct 3, 2016
Beste Kees,

Weet jij waarom ik de 330 wpt valkenburg niet kan zien op pokercity? De rest van de toornooien staan er namelijk wel gewoon op...


Kees answers:
Hoi Mo,

Het kan zijn dat HC de uitslag nog niet doorgestuurd heeft aan Pokercity. Wacht tot het eind van de week en als het er dan nog niet opstaat, stuur dan een mailtje naar pokercity.

Jef Aerts asks on Feb 20, 2015
any new music on the way? slices of time still my fav

Kees answers:
Thanks for the interest Jef.
I'm pretty busy with other things at the moment so music these days is pretty much 'just listening'. But I'm glad you still enjoy 'Slices of Time'. Take care. :-)

Georg asks on Jan 10, 2014
Hello Kees,

some time ago I listend in the radio the nice track "cool runings" which was composed by you and Ron. As I can read on your web page the track was published on a Schallwende CD Sampler #4. I like that track very much, but I did find a way to get that track. Is it possible to buy this track as mp3-file on or another music internet site? Or was this track published on another CD of you? I would be great to get some information directly from the composer/creator. Thanks in advance for your reply. Best regards Georg

Kees answers:
Hello Georg,

I forgot we ever made that. :-) In fact I was surprised that I even found a copy.
Ron and I agreed to make it available as MP3 for free. So check the blog entry of January 12 2014, or visit the Discography webpage to get your free copy.
I hope you like it.

Cindy asks on Jan 26, 2013
Dear Kees,

why are you wearing sunglasses at the pokertable?

greets Cindy

Kees answers:
When I started to play I wore them. I felt it helped my play. But after some time I stopped wearing them.

Arnold asks on Sep 16, 2011
Telefoon kapot? Bel even

Kees answers:
Inmiddels gedaan.

BRONWYN asks on May 25, 2010
thanks kees, cdbaby fixed the download

Kees answers:
That's good to hear Bronwyn. :-)
I have yet to hear from CDBaby.

b owens asks on May 25, 2010
HI KEES YOUR NEWER CD WERE CAN I DOWNLOAD FROM ( I dont mush buy reel cds anymore) you know cdbaby ,your cd is on the there as a download so i buy it and i have to get my money back { bought it 2 times} it just wont download and they dont no why,do you or groove have anytning to do with it not downlosng did you put a stop on it cause i cant find it anywere, thanks

Kees answers:
At this moment it's only available as download from CDBaby. I've just emailed them to ask if there is a problem.
I'll let you know as soon as I know something. Thanks for inquiring.

jef aerts asks on Aug 21, 2009
any new solo cd in the works? slice of time is a regular on the ipod

Kees answers:
Hello Jef,

Thanks for your interest.
The follow-up to Slices of Time is called `If One Door Closes`. It was released in October 2008. If you like SOT then I'm sure you like IODC too.

At this moment I'm not working on any new music but there are still plans to release the first 2 cassettes of EEKA.

brownwyn owens asks on Oct 28, 2008
that stefan erbe guy he's got this cd called spaceworks do you know were i can download or buy it ,i seen someting on a site with your name was on it saying in 2007 you have some at $13.99 us cash let me know, i have downloaded tracks from you cd that' pretty good thank 's

Kees answers:
Thanks for the kind words Brownwyn. The artist name is Stefan Erbe. Groove doesn't carry that cd anymore. I believe the last copy was on sale for $13.99.