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Below you will find all the places where I've performed live, either solo or with friends.
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New Year Concert 2010
January 16 2010
Oirschot, The Netherlands


E-Day 2008
April 13 2008
Eindhoven, the Netherlands


June 11 2005
Nieuwegein, the Netherlands


E-Live 2002
September 21 2002
Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Schallwende Elections
January 26 2002
Bürgerhaus Essen-Oststadt, Germany
Schallwende Elections

Schallwende Elections in Essen, Germany. All photos are by Sylvia Sommerfeld.
On 26th January 2002 Ron Boots, Kees Aerts and Harold v.d. Heijden played live at the Bürgerhaus Essen-Oststadt, Germany. It was their first concert for two years.
'The Bombastic Dutch-Men' performed an outstanding electronic-rock concert, that reminds me of 'The Who'.
Ron Boots, superior like Pete Townshend, played the synthesizer-leads, Kees Aerts, calm like John Entwiste, played the supporting keys and Harold v.d. Heijden, agile like Keith Moon, played the electronic drums.
Remarkable was his long 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida' drumsolo, that made Ron and Kees unemployed for minutes.
They performed some known tunes (I suppose among others 'Mercalli´s Scale' and 'On The Edge' from 'By Popular Demand') as well as several tracks from the new Ron Boots release, that is scheduled for March 2002. There was no announcement for the titles except for the encore, a track by Kees Aerts.
From four JBL EON (1st-Gen) speakers came a clear brilliant sound. A missing highlight was a guest appearance of Klaus 'Cosmic' Hoffmann-Hoock, who sold his CDs in the lobby, on e-guitar.
After a standing ovation by the audience Ron Boots & friends continued the concert with some professional improvisations. An outstanding electronic-rock concert - 'Who´s next'?
Lothar Lubitz, 27th January 2002
Livelines Essen 2002
(CD on Groove Unlimited)

Tracklisting and reviews
This CD from 2002 features 74 minutes of vibrant electronic music generated live by this trio in Germany during the Schallwende Elections.

The music is rich with dense electronics, waves that cascade with force and strip away all extraneous distraction. Lifting the audience from the ground and propelling them through the stratosphere and into the wonder of outer space. Keyboard riffs emerge from the astral drone, energizing the ethereal mix with their sparkling notes and sequenced patterns. Rhythmic pulsations are quickly joined by demonstrative percussion, injecting body and power to the tuneage. Exotic riffs establish themselves, simultaneously growling and delicate, generating a tasty contrast that merges to form a dynamic environment of cosmic force.

There is no scarcity of melody here, as riffs flow from each other with effortless ease. Each new passage gives birth to fresh vibrancy, elevating and breathtaking in their complexity and passion. Textures surge into commanding harmonics, building exhausting dynamics that mesmerized as they invigorate the audience. Crisp cycles accrete with remarkable speed, unleashing new riffs that overlap to generate intricate pulsations and compelling rhythms.

For all this overt power, though, this tuneage is pleasant and inviting...inspiring, in fact, in its union of unbridled vigor and liquid smoothness. Ascension achieves an ecstatic state, stranding the rapt listener in a labyrinth of impressive and ultimately rewarding electronic melodies.


Summer Space Party
July 22 2000
Essen, Germany


Groove Promotional Festival
October 30 1999
Huizen, the Netherlands
Jam session, Schallwende Barbecue
August 7 1999
Essen, Germany
CEOS festival
March 13 1999
Cologne, Germany


E-Live 1998
October 17 1998
De Vereeniging, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Concert organized by C. Ende
September 26 1998
Bonn, Germany
Private Party organized by Cees Wensveen
August 22 1998
Vierhouten, the Netherlands
Jam session, Schallwende Barbecue
June 20 1998
Essen, Germany
June 1 1998
Valo, Sweden
February 1 1998
Duisburg, Germany


The Truth comes Alive
September 13 1997
Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Schallwende Grill Fest
June 21 1997
Gruga Park, Essen, Germany